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Sarah Nadeem's dream of starting a small home business became a reality in June 2022, thanks to the help of her mom, Farah Nadeem. They both have a deep love for herbs and gardening. With SureBeez's assistance, they set up a Shopify store and marketing strategies that turned their passion into a successful business. Now, House of Herbs offers natural, homemade products to people nationwide in Pakistan.

Goals and Challenges:

After a year of marketing exclusively on Instagram without a dedicated online store, House Of Herbs found itself not fully representing the brand's desired image, quality, and product care. Our mission was to craft a Shopify eCommerce website that not only elevated the brand's presence but also added a premium touch, positioning them as leaders in their niche.


We've made House Of Herbs' vision a reality by providing eCommerce guidance, marketing strategy, a fresh website, and continuous marketing assistance.

House Of Herbs, the purveyor of scented candles and herbal organic skincare products, embarked on a digital transformation journey with the help of SureBeez. At the core of this transformation was the creation of a custom Shopify store, a virtual retail oasis where their commitment to herbal and organic products could shine.

SureBeez built a user-friendly Shopify store for House Of Herbs, focusing on herbal and organic products. Our design made it easy to navigate, ensuring a smooth shopping experience for all customers, turning visitors into loyal buyers.

House Of Herbs had great products but needed a bigger audience. SureBeez managed their online ads using data to reach the right customers. This boosted their brand and sales nationwide in Pakistan.

Through a meticulously designed and consistently branded website, they've created a sensory journey for visitors, where each product image tells a story of quality and care. The user-friendly design and mobile responsiveness further enhance the experience, making House Of Herbs a standout brand, captivating audiences.

We emphasized the handcrafted aspect of their products and used creative content to connect with customers who valued authenticity and sustainability in their skincare and relaxation choices.

Identify Brand's Singular Essence


House Of Herbs' collaboration with SureBeez was transformational. We developed a user-friendly Shopify store, managed paid media strategically, and refined their creative direction, leading to broader appeal and success. It proves that a mix of digital strategy and creative innovation can make businesses extraordinary.

Outcomes with a Happy Twist

Inline CSS and WEBP images helped us to get 85+ on speed insight.

Website is fully optimized for all the screens including iPads.

Weeky appointments gradually increased by 30% with Hubspot & Calendly.

Mobile traffic is increased by 33% fast loading times and mobo firendly.

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