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In 2022, Farishta Beauty & Spa was born, driven by the simple philosophy of seamlessly combining spa and beauty treatments to deliver top-tier results. Founded by Fahriba Miah, a former Financial Advisor and mother of two with a passion for aesthetics and customer service, Farishta specializes in Laser Hair Removal and Facial Treatments while excelling in various other aesthetic services. Fahriba's meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to client safety and comfort set Farishta apart. SureBeez had the privilege of collaborating with Farishta Beauty & Spa on branding and website development, enabling Fahriba's dream to thrive in the digital landscape. This case study explores our transformative journey and the creation of a compelling online presence that embodies Farishta's essence.

Goals and Challenges:

Farishta Beauty & Spa approached SureBeez with clear and defined objectives:


SureBeez meticulously planned and executed the following strategies to achieve Maple Homes Builder's objectives:

Beez worked its magic with Farishta Beauty & Spa, crafting a sleek and user-friendly website with elegant selection of fonts and color scheme that shines with contemporary style. We showcased their portfolio, client love, and services, boosting their brand and credibility.

Our intuitive layout ensures quick access to services, appointments, and spa details, with responsive design for all devices. This user-centric approach simplifies the customer journey, highlighting Farishta's commitment to exceptional beauty and wellness experiences.

Our approach involved understanding the unique needs of Farishta's target audience, developing engaging and informative content about technology and services they are offering, and ensuring consistent delivery across whole frontend. By tailoring content to showcase Farishta's spa treatments, beauty tips, and wellness insights.

Beez focused on creating a visually stunning online presence. Through carefully selected imagery and videos, we transformed the website into a captivating showcase of the spa's ambiance and services. This visual appeal reinforces Farishta's commitment to beauty and wellness excellence, leaving a memorable impression on visitors.

In partnership with Farishta Beauty & Spa, SureBeez helped bring to life a clear and powerful vision. Founded in 2022 by Fahriba Miah, a former Financial Advisor and devoted mother of two, the spa aimed to seamlessly blend essential spa and beauty treatments while consistently delivering top-tier results. SureBeez's expertise in branding and website development played a crucial role in crafting an online presence that beautifully showcased Farishta's commitment to excellence.

Reveal Business's Signature Style


SureBeez's collaboration with Farishta Beauty & Spa led to a remarkable transformation in both branding and digital development. The brand now radiates elegance and excellence, and the visually captivating website offers an engaging user experience. This overhaul resulted in a significant increase in website traffic, extended user engagement, and expanded accessibility to mobile users.

Results That Make You Glow

Inline CSS and WEBP images helped us to get 85+ on speed insight.

Website is fully optimized for all the screens including iPads.

Weeky appointments gradually increased by 30% with Hubspot & Calendly.

Mobile traffic is increased by 43% fast loading times and mobo firendly.

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