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Enzep is a distinguished clothing brand known for its trendy fashion offerings. Although well-regarded in the fashion world, they believe the importance of a strong online presence to reach a wider audience and SureBeez stepped in to assist them in establishing a formidable online presence and excel in the market.

Goals and Challenges:

Enzep approached SureBeez with specific goals in mind:


SureBeez devised and enacted a well-thought-out plan, implementing strategies to achieve Enzep's objectives effectively and efficiently.

We created a fresh and impactful new image for Enzep. We began by understanding what makes Enzep unique and who their customers are. With this knowledge, we developed a compelling story and designed a memorable logo and visual style.

SureBeez designed a special online store for Enzep on Shopify, making it easy for them to sell their products and connect with customers. We worked closely with them to make sure the store looked great and had all the features they needed. Now, Enzep has a fantastic online shop to showcase their products and engage with their customers.

Energize Your Brand's Potential


Efforts produced remarkable results for Maple Homes Builder. Firstly, within the first three months after the website redesign, the company witnessed a significant boost in organic traffic, with overall site visits experiencing a remarkable 40% increase. This notable surge in website traffic served as a testament to the effectiveness of the implemented strategies.

Overall, comprehensive approach to digital marketing significantly impacted Maple Homes Builder's online success. The substantial increase in website traffic, higher search engine rankings, improved user engagement, enhanced lead generation, and notable growth in mobile traffic and conversions collectively demonstrate the efficacy of SureBeez's strategies in driving tangible business outcomes for Maple Homes Builder.

Results that make you smile

Increase in monthly website traffic since the new website and branding.

Engagement rate increased by 30% on all social platforms and website.

Strategic lead generation techniques led to a 65% increase in online inquiries.

Mobile traffic is increased by 45% on landing page and 20% in conversions.

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