Paid Search


Our paid search strategies, backed by top 3% Google Partner ranking and innovative technology, drive customer journey growth and integrate with your other channels.

Buzzin' Performance Is In Our DNA

Choose us for the best paid search strategy, expert guidance, and a team that's highly skilled, adaptable, and committed to helping you achieve new heights of growth.

Aligned Priorities

We create comprehensive social media strategies and work closely with your team to understand your business and target audience.

Google Premier Agency Partner

As a top Google Partner, we offer all clients early access to Google's latest innovations and exceptional support.

Performance Creative For YouTube

Our creative agency drives meaningful outcomes, such as increased awareness, demand, or conversions.

Robust Data

Beez uses client data to test and implement successful strategies for all clients through scalable best practices.

Be Strategic With Your Paid Search Dollars


Test, Optimize, Repeat

How do we achieve better results without overspending?

First, we use our Beez Attribution solution to provide comprehensive performance reporting.

We customize a testing plan to increase revenue and apply proven insights to your account for smarter decision-making.

Paid search captures demand generated from other channels and prompts consumers to take action as they near the end of their conversion journey.

Collaborative Efforts

We enjoy combining platforms, channels, and campaigns to surpass your objectives. Your customers aren't considering the channel they're using or their location in the sales funnel, so don't limit your chances to connect with them.

  • Omnichannel Media Planning
  • Personalized Touchpoints Across Journey
  • Online-To-Offline Strategies & Reporting
  • Beez Attribution To Align On Results
  • Live Dashboards Across All Channels
  • Account Directors Guiding Growth
  • Insights & Testing Shared With Entire Ecosystem

Get The Real Truth On Your Performance